USI's Race 'N' Reward – United State of Indiana

USI's Race 'N' Reward

1880x970 px

Desktop Only, no phones

(It's quite old school)

Have Some Fun. Win Some Codes.

Play our little game and complete races to unlock 30+ discount codes to use on our website.

The speedways go from simple to sadistic, and the rewards get bigger as you go. You can keep the game open in a browser tab if you want to try again later.

We're better screen printers than coders, so there may be some bugs. If you have issues, just let us know!

How do the codes work?

Every time you win a race, you'll receive a discount code that can be used one time. Codes are entered at the checkout screen.

Certain codes apply to specific products or collections.

Your progress isn't saved, so be sure to write down codes when you unlock them.
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