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Most people involved with USI know that the original USI Flag design was actually the logo for a hip-hop project I started called Anderson's Most Wanted. When it started to seem like the shirt was a better idea than the music, I bought the domain unitedstateofindiana.com and put Photoshop mock-ups of two shirts (one black, one red) on the site.

Much to my surprise, they started selling and I realized I'd need some real photos if this idea was going to be at all legitimate. So, outside my house in Anderson, we organized the first USI photo shoot. There was only one design, so we all wore the same thing, but the day ended up being a blast and a sign of how much fun we'd have on photo shoots to come.

These pictures were taken on May 3, 2011, which seems like a million years ago. In honor of this Throwback Thursday, the original Black and Red USI Flag tees are on sale for their original price--$15--for today only.


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